Localised Advertising Campaigns

When dealing with a diverse range of prospective students in different countries and regions, it can be difficult to ensure that your digital marketing initiatives are consistently reaching the right audience, and that your institution is visible, competitive, and established in your target market.

Multilingual and localised paid advertising campaigns provide the perfect solution, presenting information about your programs in the native language of your target audience, and exposing potential applicants who are searching for targeted keywords to your brand almost instantly.

ECN’s targeted PPC initiatives are designed to maximise your university’s ROI, increasing your visibility among real prospective leads by focusing on strategically important keyword searches and targeting users by location, gender, age, interests, and much more. You can run Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook and a host of other online channels, and use geo-targeted ads to reach any city or country.

We offer multilingual localised paid advertising packages which include:

Campaigns Setup

ECN provides everything you need to set up your localised campaigns. Choose as many different countries, channels, and campaign types as you want, and we’ll do the rest!

Our service can include:

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Multilingual ad content creation
  • Paid search campaign setup for Google, Bing,..
  • Paid social media campaign setup for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more
  • Geo-targeting to maximise your lead generation potential
  • Choose from a range of campaigns types, including search, display, re-targeting, and much more!

Campaign Management

ECN will manage your campaigns as they progress to refine and improve your initiatives on a continuous basis, helping you to:

  • Monitor campaign performance on specific keywords
  • Refine your match types for more efficient targeting
  • Manage and adjust your bids to reduce cost-per-lead
  • Modify your ad copy and implement A/B testing to improve performance
  • Easily control the budget and run time of your campaigns

MultiLingual Landing Page Creation

Creating customised landing pages for your localised paid search campaigns allows your institution to present prospective students with the information that matters most to them as soon as they click on your ad. ECN will:

  • Tailor content about your institution and programs into a concise landing page in the language you require
  • Develop an eye-catching landing page template to fit your institution’s branding guidelines
  • Carry out comprehensive testing and QA to ensure the functionality of your landing pages
  • Conduct optional A/B testing to ensure the highest possible conversion rate

Conversion Tracking Setup and Monthly Reporting


As part of your ongoing service, ECN will configure the conversion tracking feature within Google AdWords, and you’ll also receive monthly reports for all your Pay-per-Click activity. These services will help your institution:

  • Effectively determine the Cost-per-lead of your campaigns
  • Evaluate which keywords and ads are delivering the greatest ROI
  • Compare your results month over month
  • Review and plan your ongoing PPC activity with ECN

MultiLingual Lead Follow-Up

Are you equipped to respond to leads in another language? ECN has the experience and expertise to help you develop the proper resources to follow-up on the leads generated through your multilingual paid advertising campaigns, ensuring you can take maximum advantage of your institution’s increased visibility in your target markets.