Digital Marketing

Is your university equipped for the challenges of the modern, globalized world of student recruitment? Whether you want to attract more international students, communicate more effectively with potential applicants in their own language, or simply increase your online visibility, ECN has the expertise you need.

Since 2011, ECN has been a trusted partner of universities from around the world. Our clients include universities and other educational institutions from the UK and MENA region, complementing our diverse team of digital marketing specialists hailing from different countries.

Many of our team members have several years experience working for universities, and the range of unique perspectives, specialties, and areas of market expertise brought to the table by everyone at ECN allows us to provide effective and affordable digital marketing solutions that are custom-made to meet your university’s needs.

Some of our most popular services for universities include:

Inbound Marketing

Optimize your inbound marketing initiatives to build organic relationships with prospective students and nurture promising leads. Combine social media and email campaigns, customized content, SEO, and precise analytics reporting to amplify your university’s online presence and ensure an efficient and effective recruitment process. FIND OUT MORE

 Localised Paid Advertising

Connect with prospective international students in their own language with multilingual Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns. With geo-targeted ads and customized landing pages in different languages, applicants from all over the MENA region will be able to find your university. FIND OUT MORE

What to Expect from Digital Marketing

While agencies typically generate student applications, digital marketing generates both student applications and inquiries. Your university will receive both direct inquiries and applications from students from different countries through digital channels, and needs to be prepared to follow up by phone, Skype WhatsApp, and email at every stage of the enrollment process.

You can ensure that prospective applicants find your university online with targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns that reach students in their native language through both search engines and social media sites.

1. Digital marketing generates both inquiries and student applications

2. Agents activity typically generates student applications

ECN can help you develop the proper resources to follow up with prospective students online, with dedicated follow-up services and customized CRM solutions that will allow you to take maximum advantage of your university’s increased visibility and maximize your ROI.