Company overview

ECN  MENA is an  Education Consultancy Network which specialises in promoting British Education within the MENA region . We began our operations just over half a decade ago as a small agency and have grown to a well established network with offices in multiple countries. Our success today is the result of years of dedication and commitment. We have been working throughout on developing relationships with partners and clients which are built upon respect, trust, and efficiency.

ECN MENA continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients and partners have in us and the passion of our people.

Our mission

Our world class service is what you need to:

  • Make an informed decision when applying for UK universities.
  • Secure a place at your dream university.
  • Avoid disappointment with visa process and decision.
  • Find the perfect accommodation.
  • Make your move to your chosen city as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

How we work


Contact us at the ECN MENA office in your country or submit an inquiry online.